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Ratnaboli Ray"Mental illness has had disturbing connotations for me right since my childhood. It was embodied in the physical presence of two aunts whom I never got to know..." - Ratnaboli Ray

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About Anjali

Anjali works in one of the most neglected areas of health. Mental Illness is not a priority as a health issue in any part of the world, more so in developing nations like India. Anjali's thrust is two fold – one, to establish Mental Illness within the mainstream health paradigm of India and two, to 'speak for' a large population of marginalized people with mental illness vis-a-vis their right to a professional and inclusive system of care and treatment.

Anjali works with a group of people who have suffered both 'stigma' and are 'voiceless'. They are men and women who suffer from chronic mental illnesses, living in state institutions of care and treatment.

Anjali's Vision

  • A world where the right to positive mental health is secured for all.

Anjali's Mission

Anjali aims to secure large-scale systemic changes in the mental health field. It will do so by:

  • Making mental health institutions and systems inclusive.
  • Building community eco-systems for mental health care & well-being.
  • Securing progressive mental health laws, policy and practice.
  • Ending stigma, violation and discrimination associated with mental health.



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